May. 10th, 2009

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Botanical gardens. 
A lovely place to spend an afternoon, if you love Botany/ convergent evolution / crazy hippy meditation. . .  XD


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I'm in love with Rag&Bone. I'm 19, but I'd really like to pull of some of these sleek, tailored looks. I don't want to end up looking too straight-edge... but I hate all the sloppy fashions out lately-- well, it's just not my thing to wear torn pants, neons, and slouchy T-shirts. It's cool when people can do that look well, but I never can... XD


I'm a peasant and probably couldn't even afford a pair of socks from this place BUT. . . I can always draw fashion inspiration from stuff like this, right?


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Seriously, these two are so SMUG and BRITISH and SEXY.

How do they get away with it?

Oh, those swinging sixties ... seriously, I get a little jealous when my parents talk nostalgically about the '60s. Everything sounds so awesome back then.

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