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You know what I miss? Writing Batman ficlets for batfic100 (which is now defunct).
For two reasons-
1. Restricting my fics to 100 words apiece was a challenge, but it helped my writing style. It kind of, sort of cured me of Flowery Prose Syndrome.
2.  I miss Batman minific. ):   .... (Well, okay, I was mostly writing noir-ish crap about drug dealing ecoterrorists and sociopathic psychiatrists via Scarecrow and Ivy. It's been said before that Batman is the least interesting character in the mythos, and he's just a tool to allow the villains to shine. I don't agree, really, since I like Bruce even if he can be either a colossal mangst machine or someone who has the emotional intelligence of a squashed apricot.)
... Also, I miss Alfred.
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