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Birthdate:Dec 15
Location:California, United States of America

I like science fiction, geeking over history, researching, watching 70s cop shows, and reading, reading, reading.

Feel free to friend me. Don't feel awkward! 99.9% of the time, I'll friend you back, so no worries.

This lj is my place to stash internet junk, along with a few extremely geeky badfics.

Random Badass Quote:

O blindness to the future! kindly giv'n,
That each may fill the circle mark'd by Heav'n;
Who sees with equal eye, as God of all,
A hero perish or a sparrow fall,
Atoms or systems into ruin hurl'd,
And now a bubble burst, and now a world.

- Alexander Pope, BAMF.

Interests (65):

adam worth, anamanaguchi, awkward pause, azar nafisi, bears, beauteous creatures, cage the elephant, carbon nanotubes, cells, cheesy 70s cop shows, dean martin, drawing, elevator my shaft, estate sales, fabulous firebird two, fallout 3, ferrets, flea markets, ford nucleon, frank sinatra, fringe, fsm, futuristic crap, greta garbo, hybrid, ingrid bergman, into the groove, ivy mike, jean harlow, jetpacks or gtfo, jimmy cagney, large hadron collider, lasers, mad men, massive attack, max headroom, metamaterials, nerds, nuke-a-moon, penfield monitors, pin up girls, project a119, project horizon, psychopharmacology, psychosexual issues, rayguns, reading, rita hayworth, running, seventh avenue, sexy space suits, something wicked this way comes, space age, space race, star jellies, the avengers, the big bang theory, the grass harp, till we have faces, turkish delight, union square, watchmen, who was phone?, wink wink nudge nudge, writing
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