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I think that it's puzzling how hair color became some sort of indicator of personality...especially when it comes to women (although I do think men, especially ginger men, get a lot of unnecessary grief as well).

Not to make sweeping generalizations (but, really, I guess I must in this case, considering the topic), but blonde women are often portrayed in books and media as vapid, materialistic sex fiend's with no other real purpose besides being eye candy, reducing them to nothing but coveted objects. Brunettes are sometimes considered the antithesis of blondes-- the sweet, nerdy little wallflower which nobody notices until it's "too late". Redheaded women are either A) some sort of destructive, hot-headed femme fatale or B) the bookworm which no boy/girl would dream of dating.

I know I'm not the only one who thinks these generalizations are ridiculous. And blatantly misogynistic. And just plain boring ... how shallow can you get by judging others by their hair color? When you think about it, it's revoltingly stupid.

And, as said above, I think this generalization applies to the boys as well. Redheaded  boys tend to get the worst treatment, I think-- although, personally, I find boys with freckles and ginger hair can be  very attractive (or, just as attractive as blonde or brunettes). What I've heard from ginger boys (that I know, in any case), is that girls either think they're freaks,"cute" (which is, I've been told, code for "not ugly, but I'm not interested" when applied to ginger guys-- it's a sort of neutral, limbo term), or "surprisingly" good-looking for a ginger. Interestingly, ginger guys don't seem to get the same sort of generalizations applied to them as ginger girls -- ginger guys aren't always assumed to be nymphomaniacs like ginger girls.

Considering that redheads are rare...  maybe "gingerism" is a result of being, for lack of a better word, "targeted" because of the recessive redheaded gene. I'm not 100 % sure about this point, but I'm just brainstorming right now...

Well, I've nattered on enough for one day, I think... :D


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